Where should I begin on my new website?

1) Determine what you want. Find Website examples online if you are not sure.

2) Determine your Domain Name and Hosting. You will need both. Find a reputable source.

3) Determine how much you want. How many pages or details do you need?

4) Determine your creativity level. Do you require a lot of graphics or just informational text?

5) Determine your outcome. Think of demographics. Who is your target audience?

6) Determine how much do you want to spend? Affordability and budgeting.

7) Determine your expertise. Give us artistic freedom and you will not be disappointed. Guaranteed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic listings are best if you can get them, because they will deliver free traffic to your website, sometimes for years. On the other hand, given the cost of developing organic rankings, it often makes more sense to pay a little bit each month for search traffic, rather than to pay thousands per month, sometimes for years, just to break into the top few pages of the organic search results.

There is only one company who can promise you top rankings in Google, and that company is Google. Although Google could assure you top rankings in their search results, they won't do it; not for any amount of money. That's where we come in. Contact us about SEO!

* Our factors diagram (to the right) is only a base point for discussion. All levels and factors may be combined to create the perfect campaign for you and your ideas. We thrive on working with your budget.


Low End


Mid Range


High End

$5000-$10,000 (up)


2-4 pages (aprx)

5-7 Pages (aprx)
12 or more pages

Existing or Stock

Standard / Developed
Full Customization
JavaScript Mouse over changes
Anamation / Dynamic HTML / JavaScript

1 simple form

2 or more forms
SQL or Flat file

Custom Web Design
Graphic Design
Digital Photography
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Campaigns
Site Maintenance
Multi-Media Technology
Networking and Computer Upgrades
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