Today it takes less than 3 seconds to get someone's attention on the internet. Well shot and strategically placed photographs are eesential. Our 5 most important aspects of photography include the following:

1. Light – Light is the fundamental element all photographs need because it illuminates the scene or subject.
2. Color – Like light, color helps to set the mood of an image and can play a significant role in touching the viewer on an emotional level.
3. Moment – A strong moment is more than highlighting a particular subject or action in time. It is about having all the elements in a frame come together as to tell a captivating story.
4. Composition – Composition, in essence, is about putting together objects in your frame in such a way as to emphasize the parts you want to and make them stand out in a particular way.
5. Distance – The distance the photographer chooses to be from their subject will affect the feeling and overall impact of a photograph.

We can learn a lot by looking into other images and figuring out how the photographer was able to create it. I bet most of these five elements were strongly used in the photos we like the best. Let us use our photography skills for your needs and I'm sure you'll agree with our strategies.

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